Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Question 1, Is this web site compatible with all devices?
  2. Question 2, How do I view the photos and flash albums?
  3. Question 3, Who takes the photos on this site?
  4. Question 4, Who edits the photos on this site?
  5. Question 5, Who maintains and updates this site?
  6. Question 6, What events are photographed?
  7. Question 8, Who do I contact about the photos?


Answer 1:

The Central High School Photo Gallery is fully compatible with all current devices. The site is responsive and mobile compatible. The site can be viewed on all computers, phones, and tablets. The site is fully tested and proves fully functional. To have successful viewing, it is your responsibility to keep your device up to date.

Answer 2:

For all photos starting with the 2014-15 school year and the January 2014 Central High School Ribbon Cutting Ceremony album, you do not need any special device or additional software to view the photos. Just your favorite browser.

For all years prior to 2014 that are in the flash format you will need a computer or flash enabled device. For phones and tablets you may view the flash albums using your favorite flash enabled browser.

The free Photon Flash Browser and Player app is available for download in the Google Play store. After installing the photon browser, launch the app, navigate to, open the flash album page of your choice, tap the lightning bolt, and play the flash album.

Answer 3:

Mr. Frank Gabriele, Marketing Teacher/Coordinator for Central High School, puts in the extra after school time, attends the events, and spends many hours taking the photographs. As a teacher/coordinator for Wise County schools, in 2015 Mr. Gabriele completed his 40th year as school teacher. Photographing at least one game of every VHSL sporting event for every school year, requires many after school hours of work. Mr. Gabriele makes every effort to photograph the main school events and at least one organized gamed of all the various VHSL sporting events.

Answer 4:

Although Mr. Gabriele helps to edit the photos on the site, due to his responsibilities as a teacher and to the extraordinary editing time required, the majority of the photos on the site are edited by Mr. Gabriele's wife of over forty years, Denise Gabriele. While working as a full-time, unpaid, volunteer for Wise County Schools', Denise Gabriele has been devoted to the students and staff of Wise County Schools' throughout Mr. Gabriele's entire 40+ year teaching career.

Answer 5:

The CHS Photo Gallery was created for Central High School by Denise and Frank Gabriele. The site is updated and maintained by Denise and Frank. They have no other staff to assist them.

Answer 6:

As time permits, Mr. Gabriele makes every effort to photograph at least one home game of all the various organized VHSL sporting teams. This includes boys and girls, baseball, cross country, football, soccer, softball, tennis, and volleyball.  In addition, he photographs the first day of school, graduation cap and gown day, the graduation photograph for The Coalfield Progress, the graduation ceremonies, the prom, pep rallies, plays, and many other school related activities.

Answer 7:

To contact us, you may use the contact form on this site.